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I really didn't want to have to take this anger management class but I had to for a court issue. I was surprised that the class was actually interesting and wasn't a waste of time. Who knew!

– Ronald S

Very informative and easy to follow. Stats are hard for me to retain. All the numbers seemed to run together, while the event or analogy stayed in my mind. Other wise, it was a good program.

– Deanna K

Para ser sincero me estreses un poco porque pasé mucho tiempo metido en el teléfono pero pues me dio mucho gusto que al final tuve un buen resultado!

– German G

This course was very informative ! Learned a lot of things I would've never learned on my own. Even though my situation was out of my hands, I really appreciate this anger course for teaching me things that made me open my eyes

– Darian W

This course really opened my eyes to many different things, I have also learned alot and more than I expected from this class or course. I am glad I took the time to complete and pass this. Thank you to my reader.

– Alex E

I know I have anger issues. I know I have a tendency to snap. I hate being called out on it. My boss finally gave me an ultimatum – take this class or find another job. Well, I am still working at my job so you know my choice. This class was really convenient and I did feel like I learned a lot, even if some it seemed written for dudes who beat their wives. All in all, I’m glad this class was there.

– Jill S
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