Audio Read Along

Listen to the anger management course instead of having to read it!

Stop Anger Class presents our exclusive audio read along feature. Read Along lets students listen to the entire anger management course without having to read any course text.

If you're taking our online class, there’s going to be some reading required. And with classes lasting 8 hours or more that’s a lot to read. Fortunately we offer a low-cost upgrade where you don’t have to read anything. Instead you can listen to your anger management class from start to finish.

Low-Cost Upgrade

Read Along is available for all our anger management classes. That includes every class from 4 hours up to 52 hours. The upgrade is inexpensive and you can buy it when you sign up for the class or at any time while you are taking it.

Simple and Easy-To-Use Player

Our player couldn't be easier to use! Just click on the "play" button at the start of every lesson and it will play out loud the entire lesson. Sit back and listen instead of having to stare at the screen. Pause and restart it whenever you like!

Free Read Along Trial

If you are unsure whether read along would be helpful for your online anger management class, you can try it out for free. For the first few chapters, all of our classes include a complimentary read-along so you can see if you like it as part of your class experience. Then, if you decide you do, then it’s a couple of clicks to upgrade and then you have access for the rest of the class.

Reduce Eye Strain

If you’re one of those people who have trouble staring at a phone or computer screen for a long time then read along might be the solution.

Why Read Along?

  • Clear Audio Narration
  • Almost No Reading
  • Finish Faster
  • Cost-Effective Upgrade
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