26 Hour Anger Management Class

Meet your 26 Hour or 26 Week Anger Management Requirement

The 26 Hour Online Anger Management Class is a standard program we currently offer to assist with all of your court, legal, business, or personal anger management education requirements. Conveniently accepted throughout the nation, this course has been professionally designed and written in a comprehensive, detailed, and easy-to-navigate manner.

Recommended by Courts

Courts and judges all over the country recommend this anger management course to their clients for good reason. They understand that attending a class is important to educate students about anger management and impulse control. But they also don’t want a class to be a burden on clients. If they must attend an in-person session, this is likely to be the case. An 26 hour Online Class can be the perfect solution. Nobody has to waste time driving, parking, and finding time off work. Using a computer or smart phone, clients can attend the class at their convenience. It’s the most efficient way to take a class!

Topics Covered in the Class

Defining Anger Management

The Most Common Kinds of Anger

Stress and Anger

Anger-Related Depression or Depression-Related Anger

Anger’s Effect on Relationships

Emotional Intelligence

Finally Getting Control of Your Anger

All you need to get started is a computer and Internet access. This online anger program will automatically remember where you left off, meaning you can sign in and out in accordance to your own personal schedule.

Class Price
26 Hour Anger Management Class $299 Register Now

Certificate of Completion

Upon completing the 26 hour anger class, we will mail you (at no extra charge) a certificate showing completion. Your certificate will show that you’ve completed a 26 hour/session anger management class. Though this certificate is sent via first class mail, you do have the option of upgrading to receive your certificate overnight.

26 Hour Anger Management Class Reviews

This class was a life-saver. My lawyer told me to take a class before going to court and taking this class really helped. The judge was happy that I had taken the class without him asking. I was also able to tell him what I learned. Things are better for me now. Thank you.

– John M

I love the Internet! I can’t imagine what being in a room of angry people would have been like. This class gave me the peace and quiet I needed to get through this class and actually learn something. I was able to work on the class in my spare time. Given that I love more than an hour from any anger management class, this 26-hour class would have been more than 52 hours! Thank you all for providing this convenience and very worthwhile class.

– Zach T

When the judge ordered me to take a 26-hour anger management class, I was in complete denial. I was angry too. I did not commit domestic violence and did not have anger management issues. This class really opened my eyes to the fact that domestic violence does not need to involve physical violence. This class revealed that my husband and I had been emotionally abusive to one another. It provided us tops for how to communicate effectively and I feel like we are moving to a good new place in our relationship.

– Marilynn V

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