12 Hour Anger Management Class

Meet your 12 Hour or 12 Week Anger Management Requirement

The 12 Hour Online Anger Management Class is a standard program Stop Anger Class offers to assist with all of your legal, court, business, school, or personal anger management education requirements. Conveniently accepted throughout the nation, this course has been professionally designed and written in a comprehensive, detailed, and easy-to-navigate manner.

Details About the Class

Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, our anger management class is web based. Constructed by a group of industry experts, our program has been developed to meet most of the court and legal requirements for those who are in need of an 12 hour or 12 session class.

Topics Covered in the Class

Defining Anger Management

The Most Common Kinds of Anger

Stress and Anger

Anger-Related Depression or Depression-Related Anger

Alcohol, Drugs and Anger – A Dangerous Combination

The Significance of Emotional Intelligence

Finally Getting Control of Your Anger

All you need to get started is a computer and Internet access. This online anger program will automatically remember where you left off, meaning you can sign in and out in accordance to your own personal schedule.

Class Price
12 Hour Anger Management Class $149 Register Now

Certificate of Completion

Upon completing the 12 hour anger class, you will be sent (at no extra charge) a certificate showing completion. Your certificate will state that you’ve successfully completed a 12 hour/session anger management class. Though this certificate is sent via first class mail, you do have the option of upgrading to receive your certificate overnight.

12 Hour Anger Management Class Reviews

This was a really good anger management class. I normally do not write in to compliment companies, but this class was just so good. It really made me think about what both my wife and I had been doing to each other. She took the class too. I think things are going to be better for us after taking this class.

– Pete and Monica B

How great was this class? Let me just say I was able to complete a court-ordered 12*-hour anger management class the same day I signed up! This could not have been any easier and gone any better. Thank you so much!

– Christy C

This class taught me all about the emotional and psychological trauma my husband and I had been doing to one another. Neither one of us thought we had anger issues. We learned a lot about how we treat each other and that if we don’t make changes now, things will never get better. Please take this anger management class if you are having problems with anger in your marriage.

– Suzie W

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  • 100% Guaranteed
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